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Our Missions

We are committed to providing the best school bus management software for schools and parents.

Student Safety

Real-time tracking and monitoring of drivers to prevent accidents.

Operational Efficiency

Optimize bus routes and reduce idling times to save costs.

Parent Communication

Keep parents informed about bus schedules and delays for convenience.

Data Analysis

Collect and analyze data to improve bus operations and resources.

Regulatory Compliance

Meet safety standards and licensing requirements to avoid legal issues.

Essential Features

The most important and useful features which we collected from parents and school management team in the past 13 years. Now we make it into production.


Easily manage and track student transportation information, including pick-up and drop-off times, bus routes, and emergency contacts, to ensure safe and efficient transportation.


Promote secure and efficient student transportation through meticulous driver behavior monitoring and regulatory compliance, while minimizing costs and environmental impact.


Utilize the smartphone of the bus monitor for real-time GPS tracking and route optimization, as well as monitoring of driver behavior to ensure safe and efficient student transportation.


Automatic attendance tracking and notifications for parents and administrators, ensuring that all students are accounted for during transportation.


Apps for parents and administrators to access bus information, schedules, and updates, providing a convenient and transparent way to stay informed about student transportation.

After School Activity

Coordinate transportation for after-school activities, clubs, and sports teams, ensuring safe and efficient transportation for students outside of regular school hours.


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